The Dangers of Online Games and How to Avoid Them

While gaming has its benefits, it can also have its share of potential harms. Limiting screen time and engaging in healthy activities can minimize the harms. This article explores the risks associated with online gaming and how to avoid them. Also, it explores Cyberbullying and the dangers of chat functions.

Internet connectivity in a game

Internet connectivity in a game allows gamers to connect with other players from around the world and compete against them. This connectivity also allows the gamer to play against friends, family, and other users. However, the added feature of internet connectivity can raise questions for parents who are concerned about the type of games their children are playing, who they speak to, and how much time they spend gaming.

For the best gaming experience, gamers should have a fast, high-quality internet connection. Games that lag can be very frustrating. A good recommendation is to have at least 20 to 40 ms of latency. In addition, be sure to check the data cap, as the amount of data needed to download a game is significant.


While there are a number of ways to prevent cyberbullying in online games, parents should also be aware of the risks involved. They should teach their children safe digital behavior, such as not clicking on links from strangers or engaging in cyberbullying behavior. Children should also avoid bullying other players, since this will violate the terms of service. Most games have built-in reporting and blocking features to deal with bullying. Also read

In addition to blocking or limiting access to technology, parents should talk to their children about the dangers of cyberbullying. Parents can start by restricting access to the Internet, smartphones, and online games. Parents can also turn off text messaging for certain hours. Most websites and smartphones have parental controls, so it’s easy for parents to monitor what their children do online.

Chat functions

Many games feature chat functions that are intended for players to communicate with one another. These features can range from emojis to files that can be shared. In addition, some games even allow you to chat with specific groups. These features are easy to use and can be very useful. However, there are certain things you should watch for.

The main issue is that some people may use inappropriate language when chatting in online games. Because these chats are not moderated in real time, you may see offensive comments, insults, and private messages. While most players are just trying to talk about the game, some will use in-game chat to hurt their opponents.

Extortion tricks

One of the best ways to avoid being extorted in online games is to change your computer’s password. This applies to any account you may have and also applies to any email addresses you may have. You should also install anti-virus software and set up a firewall if you have one.

Extortion tricks in online games can be done through the use of social networking websites, apps, and games. The perpetrator can use lies and threats to trick you into sending money to a third party. Once you send money, the criminal will keep demanding more.