Project and types of steel structural detection

Steel structure steel structure factory test: door steel structure factory, top steel structure factory, double cross-frame steel structure factory, card disc steel structure factory, single-span steel structure factory, lying Steel structure plant. Steel structure steel structure engineering test: frame steel structure engineering, arrangement steel structure engineering, just frame steel structure engineering, grid steel structure engineering, other form steel structure engineering. Steel Custom Steel Fabrication structural steel structure construction test: large cross-steel construction, industrial factory steel structure, steel structure, multi-layer and high-rise steel structural buildings, high-level steel structures, detachable Steel structural construction, container and other steel structures, light steel structural buildings, steel and concrete buildings. Steel structural steel structure shed detection: steel structure glass shelter, steel structure aluminum slab, steel structure PC slab. Test item detection content Non-destructive detection ultrasound detection, ray detection, magnetic powder detection, penetration test.

Performance testing steel mechanics detection and fastener mechanical testing.

Metaphrassic analysis of microstructure analysis, micro hardness test, etc.

The chemical composition was analyzed by the steel structure used by the steel structure.

The coating detection detects the coating used by the steel structural surface coating.

The stress test tests and monitors the stress changes in the mounting of steel structure and the key parts of the unloading process.