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One of the principal questions we ask ladies when they visit our hairpiece store is: “Are you searching for human hair or engineered?” For first time hairpiece wearers, the response is frequently: “I don’t have any idea – What’s the distinction?” Understanding the distinction in these two kinds of hairpieces will assist you with settling on the best choice for you.

An interesting point – both human and manufactured filaments hairpieces are accessible in various grades or characteristics. For our examination, we will talk about the distinctions in a top quality manufactured to Grade A Human Hair. This is the way they look at:


You might expect that a human hair hairpiece will look more normal than an engineered, yet this isn’t really the situation. A great many people can’t differentiate in human and manufactured just from checking them out. As a rule, manufactured will look somewhat shinier or more shiny than human hair. The greater engineered hairpieces water wave hair are not as gleaming and look more normal than less expensive artificial materials. One more contrast in appearance has to do with development. Human hair has more regular development and skip than manufactured – which will in general be somewhat stiffer. On the off chance that you wear a short haircut, or use hairspray, this is typically not an issue. Assuming that you wear your hair long and free, you might incline toward the more regular development of the human hair.


Human hair has a milder, silkier surface than engineered. The specific surface of the hair will rely upon where it’s from – Asian hair is thicker, straighter, and coarser. Indian hair is satiny and wavy. European hair is better, milder and has an exceptionally slight wave. The hair may likewise have been permed to reproduce the presence of Yaki hair.

Manufactured hair isn’t exactly all around as delicate and satiny as human hair. The better the nature of the hair, the milder it will be. The surface of the hair is set at the manufacturing plant and can go from directly to wavy to wavy.


Both human and engineered hairpieces can be washed. Engineered hair ought to just be washed in chilly water, with items planned explicitly for manufactured filaments, then be permitted to air dry. The hairpiece will hold its style.

Human hair can be washed in warm or cold water, and you can utilize any items that you can use on your own hair. We suggest utilizing gentle cleanser and a saturating conditioner. Items intended for variety treated hair function admirably. Washing the hairpiece makes it lose its style and return to its regular example. To re-style, you should blow dry or style with warmed devices.