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An exciting way to earn your college tuition is driving a taxicab in New York City. Why not spend your summer working part time or full time while learning your way around one of the most exciting cities in the World.

A taxi driver earns as much as three hundred dollars per shift, more than a thousand dollars each week but only if they know how to get around. To learn your way around you can take some training in taxi related geography. Master Cabbie Taxi Academy, approved by The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission for mandatory taxi driver training, offers the broadest array programs for how to get a “hack license” in New York City.

One of the most appealing aspects of the job of taxi driving is when you are not driving. A taxi driver can take a vacation without having to ask permission from the boss. A taxi driver in New York City works for him/herself, cruising around Manhattan Island, Times Square, Greenwich Village, SOHO, Tribeca, and other places, waiting for people to hail.

And boy do they hail. Yellow taxicab drivers in New York City generate almost two billion dollars each year in sales. A driver working five shifts per week can handily earn one thousand dollars. Earning power has increased so strongly the price of taxi medallions has been pushed up beyond six hundred thousand dollars. A medallion is the title of the License for the Car.

The Hack license (Taxi Driver License) can be obtained for as little as $360.00 including fees. Of course you need to know your way around which usually requires some classes in local geography. So expect to spend probably another three to four hundred on a training program and maps, practice exams etc. There are several training programs available, some of them part time. Some incorporate self study, which is perfect for the college student living away from NY City. Preparing during the school year and coming to New York City in May to file their applications and take the New York City taxi driver test. Then they can start driving in June.

A New York City Taxi Driver meets some of the most interesting and famous people in the world. And, with a NYC Taxi Drivers License a taxi driver can drive any limousine, or car service in New York City, and of course the Famous Yellow Cab.

Rubbing shoulders with New York’s locals is great grist for your artistic mill too. If you need to write a term paper, your job as a taxi driver in New York will be more than inspiration. If you have an art project due this semester? Your art can imitate the life you live and the experience you have gained behind the wheel of one of the most iconic symbols of New York City.

Immediate cash available: We all need to make a living. But if your rent is due tomorrow and you are short of funds, a yellow cab can rescue you from that financial crisis every time.

Time off to cool off: Imagine needing two weeks off to go canoeing on the Delaware River, or to go to the GenX Woodstock reunion, only a taxicab can give you the freedom of choice. Leave and come back to work on you own terms, not a company schedule.

If you need a place to stay, short term the least expensive (Cheapest) place to stay is the NY Hostel on Amsterdam Ave., about thirty-five dollars per night. Considering that a driver can earn more than $200 per night driving a taxicab there should be enough left over for coffee, tea and all the trimmings of a bohemian lifestyle.

For the longer term lodging, search the Village Voice or the NY Press. Both are loaded with apartment share listings. You will need to make a few calls and answer a few emails but you will surely find a place to stay for an intermediate or long term visit. A median rent is surely within the financing capabilities of a New York City Taxi Driver.

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The best time to prepare for driving a taxicab in New York City is, sooner rather than later. This way, you can make more rather than less. If you plan to drive only in the summer you will need to pay attention to what needs to be done to be ready by June.

All Taxi Drivers need to pass the News York City Taxi Operators Exam. You will probably want to get some study materials for this. Master Cabbie Taxi Academy has materials available on line. You can order and have them within a day. They also offer an email Q&A if you need some other info.

The unlimited training program allows you to come and go as you please on an unlimited basis. Programs titled Hack 1 / 2 / 3 allow an unlimited training component and can include all fees, might be best for the college student. The Hack 3 program includes practice exams, maps, manuals and rules books. All NY City fees and the classroom portion is conducted by Terry Gelber, Master Cabbie owner. The program boasts a ninety percent success rate, and, a one hundred percent placement rate.