Kitchen Tile Design Ideas

The majority of elements of your kitchen design, the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, etc are chosen from a well defined, branded, marketed and commonly available range of vendors.

However to make the Kitchen uniquely yours it is the backsplash that homeowners turn to, an area where they can add their unique stamp and look to the kitchen and let’s face it the kitchen is the most commonly used room in the house, parties and coffee in the morning it is where everyone gravitates. A unique backsplash can make the kitchen truly your own natural stone mosaics have been popular in cultures around the world for millennia, and the technique adapts readily to nearly every décor.

Metal mosaics are seen as the latest design in faux brick backsplash kitchen backsplashes, insert features and a modern upgrade for bar and restaurants. They add a clean crisp look to any interior and the design choices available have expanded rapidly and are almost endless. The metal mosaics can now come in Basketweave, Octagon, Hexagon, 1×2″ Brick format and so on. The metal mosaics are commonly seen on the most current TV shows and in major magazine circulations; this is just continuing to fuel the demand for this ever increasing popular home improvement product.

In general, metal mosaic backsplashes share the benefits and caveats of other tile backsplashes. The metal mosaics themselves are durable and easy to clean, but grout and other porous surfaces have a tendency to trap grime and require more serious upkeep. Labor costs for the project are less than a hand mosaic design as the metal mosaics themselves come on preformatted sheets with mesh attached. Depending on your choices, the tiles themselves can be pricey. The overall newness of the product means that price variation in the market is huge, the 1×2″ metal brick stainless steel mosaic is the most popular of all designs and this varies in cost from $17SF to $50SF. Over time the consumer will become more aware, the home centers will adopt the products and designs and the price will land somewhere in between the two. Finally with regards to your choice of metal mosaic design however simple or complex the design you choose should be pleasing in their own right, and also complement, rather than clash with, your kitchen as a whole.