How does the electric heater work?

After the heater is installed, it is integrated with the air conditioning unit and the air energy heat pump water heater. When using the unit linkage control, preheating the circulating water, improves the water temperature, ensures the normal and operation of the air conditioning unit. In addition, it improves the heating efficiency and heating effect of the air conditioner. Let me introduce how the electric heater is working. 1, the heater is to enter the cylindrical water of the heated medium into the cylinder. When the circulating water filled with the cartridge, the circulating water is heated, and the fluid circulating water flow in the cylinder is constantly changing. The circulating water that is in a uniform inner cylinder is then fully heated. 2, the heating, cooling effect of the air conditioner, has a close relationship heater with a smart control scheme when the ambient temperature is low, and the heating procedure is used to compensate for the supply of thermal attenuation. Heat is insufficient. Increased heat, but also makes the unit’s working portable heater  state closer to standard working conditions to improve operational efficiency and service life. When the indoor temperature reaches the set value, the heater will automatically stop with the compressor to save energy. Electric heater does not require any other equipment, which has significant advantages over other equipment such as small boilers than other devices, such as small boilers; it can increase from the air conditioning unit and air energy heat pump unit The efficiency of the runtime is acquired, and the total power consumption is not much increased. I hope that the above explanations are helpful to everyone. If you have more knowledge you want to understand, please call the company, we will be happy to serve you.