Authorized Mass Email

You need to know bulk email marketing policies, laws and strategies to avoid negative side of bulk emails i.e. spam.  The knowledge of these issues is beneficial before sending mass email to your potential customers. You should have good knowledge and practice of various useful techniques in the area of internet marketing. Spam is an identical unsolicited email message used for various purposes. People use two terms for spam emails; UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email) and UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Internet users get annoyed with the growing email spam in this age where email marketing has become a useful tool.Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) can be illegal because it can violate Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) defined to stop spam emails. The reaction of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can vary from company to company but UCE must follow the CAN-SPAM rules and regulations defined in 2003. Some Token batch sender ISPs ban email accounts of spammers and others don’t take strict action in this regard. According to this Act there are some requirements that must be followed by the senders of commercial mass email. Business owners or marketers who violate these rules and regulations have to bear penalties. The basic requirements are here;

Header and routing information of an email including “To” and “From” should be accurate. Companies which send bulk email marketing messages without proper information are considered spam emails. Subject lines should not be deceptive or misleading with respect to the content of the email. Pornographic or adult bulk emails are mostly sent with misleading subject lines.  Bulk emailer should send commercial message with the physical address of the company. This address is used for the identification of the company and it will be forced to follow set rules and regulations.  You should provide a link in your email message to unsubscribe from the list of email contacts. Those who don’t want to receive your mass email in future can unsubscribe from your contact list by following the link. It would be impossible to provide long list of dos and don’ts for your mass email marketing campaign. Readers ignore spam emails but if they complaint then strict action against the email spammer will be taken. In addition to the above mentioned basics you should avoid following things.

You should not harvest email addresses from websites. You should avoid creating email accounts by permutation. Use of script or automatic account registration to send commercial bulk email marketing message to a large number of email addresses should be avoided.Khurram Zaveri is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the Ultimate Bulk Email Marketing tool: Spryka Email Charger